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Whether you have a one-time shipment or are looking for ongoing logistic solutions, FGX transportation specialists have the expertise to provide you with services that meet your transportation needs. Our specialists are experienced in liquid and dry bulk shipments as well as arranging specialty equipment.

We have spent the last 23 years building relationships with over 300 liquid bulk carriers who cover the contiguous 48 states and parts of Mexico and Canada. We meticulously maintain our carrier credentials including operating authority, safety ratings and insurance requirements. Our carrier network is vast; however, FGX specialists maintain electronic contact with all of the carriers throughout the day. This enables us to have access to the available units, their specific equipment inventories, and the coverage they provide. The benefit of our ongoing carrier relationships is that we know where their empty trucks are and where their terminals are located.

By coordinating shipments that direct the available trucks toward their terminal, carriers accept freight from FGX at a discounted rate; this type of transport arrangement is termed “backhaul”. A majority of the services we provide from the North Carolina office include liquid bulk backhauls. The transaction is attractive to our carriers as it eliminates the costs for returning to the terminal with an empty trailer after traveling out of their area for a delivery. Carriers are willing to accept backhauls to increase their profitability provided they make arrangements with a reputable source and after 23 years FGX continues the tradition of honesty and dependability to clients and carriers alike.

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